Nick Kusari

Senior Lecturer

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Nick Kusari


Senior Lecturer

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Civil Engineering


I was born and raised in Iran. I began my career as a draftsman with a commercial gas reticulation system company when I was a teenager. When I arrived in New Zealand, I started my BE (Civil) at the University of Auckland, while working in a Geotechnical laboratory until I was graduated.

I have worked in the civil engineering field for a number of years, mostly as a water and environmental engineer in New Zealand and Australia.

I have been involved in a wide range of civil engineering projects, including; water and wastewater reticulation system design, residential development, environmental impact assessment, surface water and groundwater interaction and modelling, catchment and flood management and mining projects.

My research area is mostly on groundwater and aquifer artificial recharge. I was involved in a research project on the aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) in Western Australia for two years.

I started working at MIT in 2014 and I hope I would be able to pass my experiences and skills to the next generation of young engineers.

Why come to MIT?

The lecturers and administration staff are extremely friendly, supportive and ready to help every single student to manifest their potential.

Working at MIT gives me the opportunity to be part of the student’s future building journey. It is very uplifting when I see how students transform their life and start their professional life I have been part of this process.

I love working with my colleagues at MIT and I see them as very devoted educators, who are always ready to go an extra mile for the students without any expectation.

I love the diversity that we have here at MIT and purpose of serving the community.