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Amanda has been inspired to work and play in the creative arts for most of her life.  

She is passionate about the arts with particular interest in fashion, art, music, performing arts, creative writing, baking, cake decorating and photography. Amanda’s passion and interests inspired her to seek creative careers and qualifications in hairdressing and floristry. This allowed her to decorate and beautify to her hearts content.      

Amanda became a business partner co-owning a hair salon in West Auckland. This is where she discovered an enjoyment for helping others learn and develop their own creative skills in hairdressing.  Amanda pursued floristry after her children started school. Through work and study in this field she again realised the value of sharing knowledge and helping others gain practical skills for employment. This has led her onto the creative world of teaching.

Why I love MIT

I love MIT because the students and staff are so helpful, talented and inspiring. I feel fortunate to share this journey with everyone around me, sharing knowledge and nurturing the artistic skills of others across both hairdressing and floristry.  It’s exciting to be a part of the students learning journey and see the growth that takes place, as well as the positive impact it has on their lives, families and careers.