Maureen Mariner Fepuleai

Lecturer, Academic Research, and Placement Coordinator

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Maureen Mariner Fepuleai


Lecturer, Academic Research, and Bachelor of Applied Counselling Practicum Placement Coordinator

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Maureen is a graduate of the MIT School of Counselling, having returned to study as a mature student many moons ago. Maureen is the proud Mum of five gorgeous adult children (and adopted in-laws) and four (and counting) grandbaby-heartbeats.

After graduating from MIT with her Bachelor in Applied Counselling (Level 7), Maureen decided to follow her passion for addressing family and sexual violence issues within her Samoan community. She completed her Masters research study with Te Wananga o Aotearoa, focusing on the Samoan cultural practice of Feagaiga.

Maureen is currently studying full-time with UoW and understands the pressures, fears, and challenges of being a student during the confusion and uncertainty of this current Covid-19 environment.

In her spare time, Maureen is a musician, teacher, poet, and a facilitator of iQ Talanoa; a safe online space that offers support, information, and advice for indigenous Queens and Kings who are considering a return to study, change in career, or wanting to create a safer, positive, and more empowering life for themselves

Why I love MIT

I love MIT because this is where I started to find my voice again. The lecturers we were blessed with, during the time I studied, encouraged and challenged me to heights that I never thought possible before I started my study journey with MIT. To say I am grateful I chose MIT as my port of return to study years ago, is an understatement.

I love MIT because we are located within the Pacific Heart of Aotearoa New Zealand. We are in South Auckland; the largest population of Pasefika in Aotearoa. This location makes it accessible so they can heed the call to enter through our door and feel welcomed; to find their own voices, establish and nurture their own identities, discover and magnify their talents, skills, and magnificent gifts.

I am now on the other side of the study space, as a staff member of the School of Health & Counselling, and I remember each day in this role to provide for our students, the same (if not more) level of genuine care, safety, support, and challenge, as I was given during my time as a past-student of the BAC programme.


Research interests

  • Pasefika. Pasefika and Disability. Pasefika and Education. Family and Sexual Violence. Indigenous. Wellbeing.