Anne Sinclair

Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead Student Journey

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Anne Sinclair

BSc, Dip Tchg, PG Dip Counselling Theory, MAM


Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead Student Journey

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Anne began her teaching career as a secondary school teacher first in South Auckland and later out West in both science and maths. In 1992 she made the move to tertiary education and started at MIT and worked with students at level 3 and 4 wanting to move into degree and diploma programmes. It was here she developed her versatility teaching across a number of different courses. From here she moved into the School of Nursing and has been teaching health science ever since 2009, alongside various leadership roles.

It was at MIT that her teaching career really took off and she began to flourish – she loves when her students have “ahhhh” moments as it is a sign of a great learning opportunity!  Her vast experience and subject knowledge allows her to customise and adapt her teaching to fit the student group to improve understanding. She can make really difficult science and complex concepts seem easy and relatable.

Regardless of the class size (and in nursing these can be larger classes), Anne wants students to feel part of the learning and that she is working alongside them. Her use of interactive and dynamic lessons allow for sharing of ideas and knowledge so a greater pool of information is assembled. Making connections with her students is of the upmost importance.  Anne is down to earth and makes everyone laugh – she feels humour is an invaluable teaching tool. If one enjoys what they do then it boosts motivations and promotes continuous improvement.

Anne has always understood the importance of building relationships and connections. She has a real passion in wanting to support students on their journey. Anne feels every student is capable of success but it is what goes on outside of the classroom that can disrupt success and does her best to support students.

Why I love MIT

The team I work with are brilliant and I have made a lot of lifelong friends. The support from my friends and colleagues is amazing and I honestly don’t know if I would find that anywhere else.


  • Dwindling attendance of classes by students (Research Report in partial fulfilment of the MAM).

Research interests

  • Student journey, science, anatomy, teaching and pedagogy.

Awards and grants

  • Excellence Award for Teaching (2015)
  • Nominated for the AKO Excellence in Teaching (2016)
  • Student nominated Teaching Excellence Award (2020).