MPTT Scholarships Terms and Conditions

MPTT Scholarships will provide to recipients:  
  • Free tuition fees for this academic year in an approved MIT MPTT programme. Free tuition fees does not include short courses or block courses that are attached to your programme 
  • Personalised Navigator services throughout the duration of your studies at MIT
  • Support and assistance into apprenticeships and/ or employment opportunities in the industry 
  • Work Readiness Workshops/Discussions to ensure graduate work-readiness  
MPTT Scholarship Recipients Agreement to accept the following terms:  
  • I fully understand that regular attendance to my classes must be maintained throughout my course.  
  • Attend All “Work-Readiness” Workshops/Discussions as and when required 
  • Maintain regular contact with the MIT MPTT Office and maintain regular contact with the MPTT Navigator services
  • Attendance and participation in Regional MPTT events and projects as and when required by the MPTT Office
  • Fully consent to MIT and/or MPTT staff informing the person I’ve nominated to act as my Recommended Support Person or Organisation and Navigator of my academic progress and overall performance when required.