School of Secondary-Tertiary Studies

The School of Secondary-Tertiary Studies (SSTS) is a unique kind of school for New Zealand.

It combines the best of both worlds by incorporating a secondary school and a tertiary institution like Manukau Institute of Technology.

Students can study towards qualifications equivalent to NCEA, just like they would at secondary school, but they can also make a start towards tertiary qualifications for trades and careers. It means that students who are finding the secondary school environment isn’t right for them can continue their education in diverse, innovative and exciting surroundings.

All this is free* for the four years that the student attends SSTS.

Students will be enrolled at the school for four years. At the end of this time, they’ll come out with skills, and a qualification to start a career — or to go on to study at a higher level.

The great thing is that students will be dual enrolled with their secondary school as well as our Institute. They can keep in contact with their old school, and take part in activities as if they were still there.

*Free to New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. Entry criteria apply.