School of Secondary-Tertiary Studies

Get NCEA your way at MIT

Get your NCEA Level 1 or Level 2 

Keen to learn but school’s not working out? It’s time - get the best of both worlds.

The School of Secondary-Tertiary Studies (SSTS) provides an opportunity to complete NCEA qualifications in Level 1, 2 and 3 as well as University entrance (UE). At the same time, students get a taste of various Trades and courses available at MIT to help map out the future.

We know that the learning in the school classroom doesn’t work for everyone. Some students find it hard to learn in a traditional school environment. They enjoy hanging out with their mates, but struggle to stay engaged in the classroom.

These students often struggle with feeling invisible in class. They feel lost in the large class sizes. Their teachers can’t give them the attention they need and because the subjects are often theoretical. It’s hard to understand without individual contact time and without a chance to ask questions. The result is a lack of connection, boredom and wagging school.

The approach to learning is to get hands on and where possible learn practically rather than in theory and concepts. Where they can, learning is related to student’s backgrounds and their culture.

Students also get lots of contact time with their teachers supporting them and helping them learn.

Another key difference is that SSTS doesn’t run to a normal school calendar with NCEA Levels taken annually. Students can start at any time of the year and once they’ve achieved a level they roll straight into the next one. There’s no waiting to start at the beginning of the school year, students can start whenever works for them.

Based at the Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) the SSTS is a unique educational concept to New Zealand. Students get to continue being part of their old school life but the learning take place at MIT where there are small class sizes, hands-on training and independence.  Each student gets a qualification plus practical skills to help map out individual future plans.

Key points:

  • NCEA Qualification
  • National or MIT qualification
  • Still enrolled at school
  • Participate in school activities
  • Practical hands-on qualification
  • Access to all the MIT facilities

Students will be enrolled at the school for up to four years. At the end of this time, they’ll come out with an NCEA qualification and a national or MIT qualification to start a career, or to go on to study at a higher level.

All this is free* for the four years that the student attends SSTS.
*Free to New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. Entry criteria apply.

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