Asian learners in a multi-cultural classroom: Perceptions of self-efficacy and strategies for assistance

Bob Beaver
Ravi Bhat

Abstract: Overseas students from “Confucian-Heritage Cultures” (CHC) experience particular difficulties in adapting to educational styles in Australasian tertiary institutions, in spite of the fact that they generally tend to out-perform local students. They also have perceptions of lower self-efficacy and confidence, and contrasting views of ways of improving their academic competence. This paper draws on the survey conducted by Beaver and Tuck (1998), which examined the levels of anxiety and academic self-efficacy of overseas and local students, and the preferences Asian students have for particular learning strategies. The survey results are then analysed, and strategies from literature to assist the Asian students are discussed. A model based on the work of Leask (2001) and others is proposed, which facilitates beneficial social interaction in a safe and encouraging learning environment.