Impacts of Website Design on the Adoption Intention of Mobile Commerce: Gender as a Moderator

Ying Lu, The University of Waikato
Karyn Rastrick, The University of Waikato

Abstract: It is necessary for mobile vendors to provide a user-friendly interface for mobile websites due to the limitations of mobile devices, such as small screen size and complexity of use during transactions. However, very few studies have examined the factors influencing the success of mobile websites. This research investigates the influencing factors of website design on the adoption intention of mobile commerce (m-commerce). Researchers have previously examined gender difference in terms of website preference and acceptance of new technology, but the gender difference has been rarely investigated in the m-commerce domain. Therefore, this research also examines how gender as a moderator influences the relationship between website design and the adoption intention of m-commerce. The survey method was used to collect data. Results show that navigation design most significantly impacts consumers’ perceived ease of use of mobile websites. It also reveals that perceived ease of use of a mobile website is more important to females when considering their intention to use m-commerce.