Do Crucibles Matter in Nurturing leadership capability?

Author: Steve Hinge, Eastern Institute of Technology

Abstract: This article discusses the findings of a research project undertaken to find answers to the research question: Do crucibles have a major influence in nurturing leadership capability? A qualitative research methodology was used to analyse data gathered from interviews with twenty Northland community leaders who volunteered to participate in the research. The data was analysed using a Grounded Theory approach. This involved open coding of interview transcripts to categorise data, then axial coding to find relationships and themes between coded data. This led to the development of abstract concepts that created the ‘Surthrive’ concept. The principle research findings revealed that Northland community leaders’ reflection on their crucible experiences stimulated significant awareness of their leadership calling, character, and competence. These communities collectively nurtured the strength of their leadership capability and indicated that crucibles matter in the nurturing of leadership capability.