Workplace Wellbeing During Covid-19: Aotearoa New Zealand Employers’ Perceptions of Workplace Wellbeing Initiatives and their Limitations

Dr. Stefan Quifors, Auckland University of Technology

Miss Jing Yi (Daphne) Chan, University of Otago

Miss Bing Dai, Otago Polytechnic

Abstract: This explorative study investigates the perceptions of HRM practitioners regarding workplace wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic. The paper considers psychological, physical and social factors and corresponding workplace wellbeing initiatives from practitioners’ eyes, and how this perception has changed due to the pandemic. The intended impact of this paper is to show what the main issues that shape how practitioners’ reason in regard to workplace wellbeing and how this has seen a paradigm shift during Covid-19. The study highlights workplace wellbeing concerns and how employers perceive their own workplace wellbeing initiatives during a period of adversity. Key impacts and what these mean for HRM practitioners in the future is considered. The findings have implications for workplace wellbeing practitioners globally.

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