Barriers and Motives for Planning System Adoption

Andrew J Cooper, Crane Distribution New Zealand Limited
Ross J W James, University of Canterbury

Abstract: This research identifies the barriers and motives for implementing manufacturing planning and control systems in New Zealand manufacturing enterprises. Perceived barriers and motives were identified from the literature, and 30 manufacturers were then interviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire to solicit their experiences and to identify the frequency of various factors. We found that the most common motives and barriers had already been identified in the literature. However, several new barriers and motives were also identified through the field research. New barriers included having a perception that the organisation’s processes are too simple to require a system, business risk and uncertainty, and difficulty in scoping system requirements. New motives included the automation of processes, better performance reporting, and facilitating demand forecasting. The identification of these barriers and motives allows organisations implementing these systems to create strategies to overcome the barriers and enhance the motivation for adoption.