Logistics is the science of planning and optimising the delivery of goods and services, from producers right through to the end users. It is about getting the right product to the right place at the right time, with the right quality and price. Today’s logistics industry needs well-organised people with excellent analytical, communication and negotiation skills. It is a fast-growing area as people change the way they buy things, and businesses need quicker and more efficient ways to distribute their products.

Current research projects:

  • Managing the transition from conventional to sustainable production in the textile and apparel industry in China by applying the perpetual transition management model
  • Improving resilience in a logistics network by matching risk outcomes with control mechanisms
  • Developing a framework to sustain and enhance logistic services during and post pandemics
  • Log export industry in New Zealand: politics, pandemics, smog and carbon credits.

The Logistics team welcomes collaboration so please don't hesitate to contact their Academic Lead (Research).

Researchers and their research interests:

Susan Diao — Researches sustainable manufacturing and distribution methods

Susan Diao is a Senior Lecturer in supply chain management. She has a Masters in management, a Post Graduate Diploma in logistics and supply chain management and is currently working towards her PhD. Her background is in distribution and manufacturing and her current research utilises the model of perpetual transition management and explores the challenges and benefits of China’s textile and apparel manufacturers when moving from traditional and conventional manufacturing methods to more modern sustainable production processes.

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Nicola Pretty — Researches New Zealand’s import and export industries and their sustainability

Nicola Perry is a Senior Lecturer specialising in transport and maritime law. She has a Master of Laws (LLM International Trade Law, Maritime and Shipping Law Unit). Her current research investigates how the hype of ‘sustainability' can be applied to the forestry industry as a whole, especially with regards to the purchase of new land to be cultivated with more trees that are not being planted for long-term ecological salvation but for private gain.

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Malcolm Brown — Researches logistics management and risk control

Malcolm Brown is a Senior Lecturer in international logistics. He has 40+ years’ experience in international logistics including 15 years in managerial positions. His current research aims to identify management methods to enhance logistics providers’ services in implementing operational plans and systems during pandemics.

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David Hope — Researches logistic risk, resilience and dilemma

David is a Senior Lecturer in logistics and has a Master Mariner Certificate of Competency and a long history of working in logistics both in New Zealand and internationally. He was employed at the Ministry of Transport Nautical School when in 1989, it was incorporated into MIT and became New Zealand Maritime School. In 1991 David developed the first logistics course: Certificate in Shipping and Freight L5, he assisted NZQA in the development of the first logistics unit standards, and he continues to develop logistics courses particularly in regard to shipping and logistics risk. His current research is in relation to improving resilience, managing risk and solving dilemmas in supply chains.

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