MIT Manukau campus parking

Parking times:
Monday to Friday, 6am – 4pm.

$2 per hour, $8 per day.

Outside of the above times, parking within these areas is free of charge.

Student parking

As aI want to So that QuestionSolution
Student at Manukau campus Travel to Otara in my private car Attend a class or meeting Am I allowed to park at Otara?
Do I have to pay twice?
Yes, you can park at Otara.
Any payment made at Manukau is also valid at Otara campus.
Be assured that a carpark is available for me So I don’t have to drive around to find a car park What if there are no spaces available? The Pay-By-Plate spaces are not able to be reserved so they are available on a first-in, first-served basis.
Be able to use the paid parking area I can be close to the building I use How do I pay for parking?
Where do I find information?

You can pay for your parking in the following ways:

Information of these methods of payment can be found on signage through the carpark.

Challenge the breach notice I have been given I don’t have to pay it What is the process? What is the process?Breach notices can be appealed by going to the LPR enforecement services website and navigating through to the MIT fine payments page.
I will need to travel to Otara I can attend a meeting Am I allowed to park at Otara? Yes, you can park at Otara.
Any payment made at Manukau is also valid at Otara campus.

How to pay for parking?

You can pay for your parking in the following ways:
  1. At one of the four Pay-By-Plate machines around the campus
  2. Using the ParKiwi app, downloadable for iOS or for Android
  3. Using the CloudPark virtual machine
  4. By purchasing an electronic permit from the vPermit website.

These are the guides for the various options for parking payment:

More information on these methods of payment can also be found on signage throughout the carpark. You can further read the terms and conditions here PNG, 306.1 KB.

Alternative parking and transport

There are other areas to park in Manukau if you choose. Check out the Auckland Transport website to look at different options. Otherwise, MIT recommends the use of public transport when you can. Auckland Transport has a great transport website to help with your planning.

  • Public Transport – Thirteen bus routes operate from Manukau Bus Station and the station beneath the MIT campus is the terminus for Auckland’s Eastern trainline. MIT are continuing to work with Auckland Transport to promote the use of public transport and further information on services are available on the following link.
  • Park and Ride – MIT provides free parking in its multi-storey carpark on Ōtara campus accessed through Gate 11. For our students with young children, this carpark is conveniently located next to MIT Children’s Education Centre. Bus services to MIT Manukau depart from the stop opposite 52 Ōtara Rd.
  • Public Parking – Manukau has many parking options including Ronwood Avenue with a capacity of 678 spaces. The following websites have further information on parking in Manukau.

Visitor parking

There are visitor parking allocations at all three campus’s as per the map, however, some processes may differ depending on the visitor and circumstances.

General visitor parking

General visitors are classed as external people visiting MIT for meetings or workshops and parking is generally free. Visitors will be allocated a space in an area rather than an individual carpark number.

  1. Give at least two hours notice for processing.
  2. Email with the following information:
    1. Date, time and amount of time required
    2. License plate number
    3. Campus.
  3. Customer service help will email back with a confirmation.
Event visitor parking

Event visitors are external people who visit MIT for an event or if they have booked a room to use. This is generally used for the Pasifika Community Centre and Ngā Kete Wānanga Marae and need to pay for parking. This is not available at Manukau or TechPark due to demand.

Disabled visitors

Disabled visitors will follow the same process as above including paying for event parking while using the allocated disabled carparks.

As aI want toSo thatQuestionSolution
Visitor to MIT Park at MIT I can attend a meeting Do I know I have to pay?
How can I pay?
Where do I find the Information?

Visitors can be granted a free parking session by an authorised MIT representative upon arrival or in advance.

Signage on what to do will be displayed at the visitor parking spaces.

Contractor Park at MIT I can complete some contract work Do I have to Pay?
How do I know I have to pay?
Where can I park?
Where can I find the information?
Service vehicle parking is available at all campuses. Please check with the MIT contract manager for more information.


As the new parking solutions take place, there is a need for enforcement to ensure demand and agreed processes are managed. Enforcement is managed by Intellico and the parking ambassadors will be patrolling the carparks during the day to ensure compliance.

Enforcement will apply in the following (but not limited to) circumstances:

  • Non-payment of parking in the general parking areas of Otara north, TechPark and Manukau
  • Parking in reserved areas including visitors and staff reserved spaces
  • Parking in unmarked areas such as footpaths, entryways, grass berms.

Comprehensive signage is (will be) installed to let our users know where to park.

For any users that are non-compliant with the conditions of parking, a $65 breach notice will be issued. If you wish to challenge the breach you can go to the LPR enforcement services website and navigate through to the MIT fine payments page. To pay the parking fine, you can do so by clicking the button below.

Pay or appeal