MIT Manukau transport FAQ's

Below are a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you travel to MIT Manukau. If you have further questions please contact our Ask Me! agents on 0800 62 62 52.

Bicycle facilities and change rooms at MIT Manukau
Where can I park my bicycle in a secured lock-up facility?

There is an access controlled secure bike cage, located opposite end of Hollywood Bakery outdoors under the stairwell. You will need to have access loaded to your student ID. Go to Reception on Floor 2. Additionally, there are 290 unsecured bicycle parks (loops) conveniently located around the campus – these are unsecured i.e. outdoors and not access controlled.

Do you provide locks?

No, you will need to bring your own.

How do I use the bike rack in the cage?

Hanging bike rackThis is a vertical hanging structure. Your wheel goes through the arm at the top and the bike hangs down.

Is the bike cage-free of charge?

Yes, the bike cage is free to use for all staff and students of MIT.

Can I take my bike on the train?

Yes, you can for no additional cost. Auckland Transport asks that bikes be stored in the first carriage, nearest the engine.

How many bikes does the cage fit?

The secured bike cage has 44 vertical hanging bike parks.

Are there changing rooms and showers?

We have a shower and change room facility located on the ground floor near the Free B computer room.

Do I need access applied to my student ID to access these facilities?

Access is already applied to your card.

Are there lockers available for use?

Yes, there are lockers available. They cannot be reserved. You will need to provide your own lock.

Are there bicycle lanes in the Manukau CBD?

There are a number of cycle lanes located on Cavendish Drive, Ronwood Ave, Great South Road, Lambie Drive, Manukau Station Road, and Te Irirangi Drive.

Where do I find a cycle map to find a route for my journey?

These can be accessed online at the Auckland Transport website.

Are there designated car park spaces for carpoolers?

Yes, there are 38 designated carpool carparks onsite.

Where are these parks located?

They are located directly in front of you as you enter the public car park along the fence line closest to Hayman Park. Spaces can be identified by the red signage and green space markings on the ground. Normal parking fees still apply.

How many people constitute a carpool?

A carpool is made up of two or more people travelling to MIT Manukau.

What is the process for applying for a carpool permit?

There is no actual formal process. You just need to self-manage and be honest.

Are the carpool spaces available to anyone other than carpoolers?

The carpool parks are also available to motorcyclists, mopeds and five-star fuel-efficient vehicles to park in.

Car parking
Where can I park at MIT Manukau?

The car park is for MIT students and staff.

Are there security cameras operating?

Yes, there are security cameras operating in the car park.

How much is parking?

You can find more details on carparking including the price on the MIT Manukau parking page.

Is there additional parking if the main car park is full?

Parking is also available in the Ronwood Avenue multi-level car park, or on-road parking on Ronwood Avenue.

This is pay and display and is just a short walk to MIT Manukau. Find more information and rates for the Ronwood Avenue multi-level carpark here.