Campus security services

Security for students and staff while on campus is provided by our team of Campus Security officers. We provide the following services:

  • Conduct patrols of the campuses during the day and night
  • Respond immediately to emergency calls
  • Provide a security presence during peak hours 
  • Maintain and monitor security cameras and alarms on campus 
  • Provide escorts in specific instances of concern only during hours of darkness. Officers will walk you to your car if parked on campus. If you have any other security or safety concerns please contact Security (09 968 8700) to discuss.
  • Receive and return lost and found property
  • Monitor parking on the campus 
  • Activate access cards as requested 
  • Speak to student classes on how to stay safe on campus during the day and night.

After-hours campus access is processed by our team. Certain areas may require authorisation, so you will need to check with your lecturers.

Security help points (the Yellow Box)

Emergency phones are located at security help points at the Ōtara campus and at MIT Manukau. Security help points are strategically located to support personal security and safety.

How to use the Yellow Box

  1. Press the red button 
  2. Call will go through to Security Control Room where an operator will give you clear instructions and dispatch a Security Officer to assist you.
  3. State where you are calling from (location written on Yellow Box) 
  4. State your request (e.g. seeing something suspicious, needing an escort, reporting an incident) 
  5. Security will attend.

For further information about staying safe while on campus or while travelling to and from campus, please visit our personal safety on campus webpage.

Contact details


NB Block, MIT Ōtara, Gate 12, Ōtara Road, Ōtara

Phone 09 968 8700