Our philosophy

Our centre has an inclusive policy. We work closely with specialised agencies to support children with special learning needs.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that each child and family is unique. Respect for the community, environment and for each child, family and teacher is strongly valued and practised.

We believe that children learn by following their interest areas and we aim to provide opportunities and learning experiences to promote and enhance their knowledge.

Our programme follows Te Whäriki, our national curriculum document. Our aim is to ensure that: all children grow up as confident, competent learners and communicators; healthy in mind, body and spirit; secure in their sense of belonging; and in the knowledge that they make a valuable contribution.

As it complements Te Whäriki, aspects of Reggio Emilia are incorporated into the Centre's values and programme.  These include:

  • Looking at the image of the child (how the child thinks and views the world)
  • Promoting a sense of respect for each child, family and teacher
  • Encouraging the child to be the researcher
  • Developing the environment as the third teacher
  • Valuing parent partnership for promoting the child's learning and wellbeing.