Online taster courses

Prepare for study with interesting bite sized resources to get you underway.

Starting study can be daunting and here at MIT we want to help you be study ready on day one.

Whether you’re a school leaver or haven’t been out of study for long; are a career changer; are coming to study after a life event or have a passion for learning and developing new skills, we’ve put together a suite of online tools to help you get study ready before day one.

These courses aren’t compulsory, but we believe that they’ll help you get motivated and study ready and reassure you about the journey you’re embarking on.

The tools range from brief online inspirational and informational videos, to online learning courses that you can complete over a few weeks.

Tools and courses for all students

Specific by area of study


How do I get started?

You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer and access to the internet.

I don’t have internet or a laptop or desktop computer at home, how can I complete these?

We recommend that you join Auckland Libraries who have computers and online access at the libraries across the Auckland region. This also allows you access to a comfortable study location once you have started your programme.

Why would I join Auckland Libraries?

As well as giving you access to all the resources and services that the Auckland Libraries provide, the course resources for the LinkedIn Learning courses require an Auckland Council library card number and pin to log-on.

Is there a cost to these tools/courses?

These tools/courses are free or have a free option available. In some cases, you can pay to receive a certificate of completion.

How much time will I have to commit to these?

This varies by the course type, you will be able to see the time commitment required on the course filters.

I’m that not confident about doing online courses, are there any tips for me to get started?

You can start by watching some of the TEDx videos, taking short interactive quizzes or start with one of the shorter online courses.

I’ve seen the use of the term MOOC. What is a MOOC?

MOOC stands for ‘massive open online course’.  A MOOC is an online course of study aimed at unlimited participation made available over the internet. Most MOOCs are created by universities and are delivered on course provider platforms such as edx,

What do I do if I get stuck when I am signed up for a MOOC?

Depending on the MOOC, the provider will have information you will be able to access.

Are these courses part of the Manukau Institute of Technology programmes?

No. These tools/courses are sourced from online course providers. You will be able to see which providers on the course filters.

Are all these courses online?

Yes, these tools/courses are delivered online only.

How do I enrol in one of these courses?

Our links will take you to the course providers website where you can register for the course.

The course I’m interested in doing says I need to download software.

You may need to download specific software for the course that you are participating in.  If this is the case, each course will have information about what resources or technical requirements you will need.

Do I get recognition for completing these recommended tools/courses?

Some of the courses give you an option to receive a certificate of completion which may have a cost associated with it.

What will it mean if I don’t do these before I start my programme?

These aren’t compulsory and won’t affect your ability to start your programme. However, we believe that these tools will help you to be study ready by providing you with information that will help your study and life journey.

How do I list the completed courses on my CV?

You can list completed courses on your CV in an Education and Training section. For guidance on how best to showcase this information, you can contact our careers and employment solutions team for help with your CV and LinkedIn profile.