Student regulations and policies

As a student at Manukau Institute of Technology you are required to read, understand and abide by the following regulations, policies and statutes.


Regulations are detailed documents approved by the Manukau Institute of Technology Council, which set out the rules governing matters affecting students at the Institute. Regulations are binding and are reviewed regularly.

Note: The Student Regulations 2017 were amended in May 2017 to move the authority contained in section 11.2.1 to approve re-enrolments where a student has failed the same course twice from the Programme Leader to the Dean of the Faculty.  The document was also updated to reflect changes to role titles resulting from changes to the MIT leadership team structure.


Policies are more specific to Manukau Institute of Technology and how we do things here. They are approved by the Chief Executive or Academic Board. Policies provide high level direction and guidance, establish key principles and responsibilities, set fundamental requirements and limit and allocate responsibilities. Policies are binding and are reviewed regularly.


Statutes are high-level governing documents that set out the regulatory framework in which the Institute operates, according to government requirements. Approved by the Manukau Institute of Technology Council , statutes make provision for a regulation or policy to be made on the same topic. Statutes are binding and are intended to be permanent in nature and reviewed only as required.