MIT is the first institution to offer the Level 6 pharmacy qualification. This recognised qualification has the potential to expand the pharmacy technician's role in order to work at the top of their scope of practice. This ensures that pharmacy technicians are able to further support the pharmacist and pharmacy industry in an ever changing and dynamic healthcare environment. Within this course you will learn specialist skills and develop a solid platform of knowledge, so you can step into a variety of specialist technician roles with confidence.

This qualification is for pharmacy technicians that are already qualified and are currently working in community or hospital pharmacies.  

MIT's flexible learning option means you can study from anywhere in New Zealand and keep working while you learn.

See what our graduates have to say about studying as a Specialist Pharmacy Technician at MIT:

Donna Skeen


"I cautiously weighed up the benefits of completing this course before registering due to the impact studying has on an already busy schedule as a working mum. Study consumes me due to my desire to get the most out of the opportunity. Many times during the course I doubted my ability to meet the assessment requirements.

The course is structured so that the learning is staged to complement both the work environment and the specialised topics in the second year of study. The choice to complete the course over a two to four year period allows each learner the ability to learn at their own pace.

The tutors know our work commitments and give support, direction and positive feedback to keep motivation and vision in seeing this course to its completion.

The result for me has deepened my knowledge on many aspects of pharmacy, especially communication, and recognising individuality in our team. Prior to this course I was already the Pharmacy Manager and felt I did a good job; reflecting on my performance since learning from the Level 6 material I now do a better job in managing the team's strengths and weaknesses, culture, and recognising learning needs. Personally I have learnt the value of the “why” question.

I am unsure how long it will take for the course to be recognised within the profession, but I am confident the pharmacies who have a Level 6 technician will appreciate the knowledge we have, and the ability to apply this knowledge in our workplace.  

I would recommend this course to technicians who want to extend themselves professionally to work at the top of their scope, and personally applying the management, interpersonal and communication skills to all facets of life."

Stephanie McGaffin

Ngongotaha Pharmacy, Rotorua

"I’m Stephanie Mcgaffin, I work at Ngongotaha Pharmacy in Rotorua and have been a Level 5 Technician since 2005. I saw an advertisement for the Level 6 Specialist Technician course one day in my lunch break as I was flicking through a contact magazine. I was feeling at a dead end within my position at the time, feeling like there was nowhere to go to from here. My employer was very supportive, so I decided to enrol in the course because I was eager to advance my qualification, not really knowing where it may lead or what doors may open.

MIT has been fantastic throughout my journey. I have met so many people, the lecturers have been amazing and very supportive and it has been great meeting the other girls in my class. We have become good friends and enjoyed staying together when we attended block courses.

I have learnt so much throughout this course, not only in direct relation to my career but also general life skills for example time management, problem solving and computer skills. It has opened up a whole new world for me and I feel so much more competent and confident with the knowledge I have gained.

Roles are expanding within pharmacy and there are now roles within the dispensary that don’t necessarily need to be filled by a pharmacist, opening up a lot more opportunity for technicians. I have recently taken on a management role in my pharmacy and hope to achieve pharmacy ownership in the near future.

I have found the whole experience very enjoyable, and manageable. I work fulltime and have three children, so it was essential that I could work around these commitments. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone wanting to further their career. You never know what doors may open for you"

Kirsty Croucher

Pharmacist at Ngongotaha Pharmacy, Rotorua

"As a pharmacy owner who works in their own business there are some important jobs in the dispensary that are hard to allocate to other staff as they lack training in these areas. Examples are development and maintenance of SOPs, staff management and workflow. Pharmacists tend to learn these skills on an ad-hoc basis, however they are roles that do not require a pharmacist to fill, and are perfect for a technician to step into.

This course has been amazing at training Stephanie in these areas, and because her course covered all the legal and non-legal requirements and their implementation and also required my input, we (MIT, Stephanie and myself) developed her current knowledge to be ideal for our pharmacy, and therefore she easily fulfilled my expectations of her new role. She has moved from being a technician to stepping into a management role, and I look forward to where this leads us in the future.

I would highly recommend this course to technicians who are wanting to step into dispensary or pharmacy management, it is well structured and covers relevant information, and also allows the technician to have choices about which areas they would like to further their knowledge in."


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