Become a tradie and get a career that will set you up for life.

There’s always demand for skilled tradespeople ready to fill well-paid jobs. And, with so much work available, you could even start your own business.

Study with MIT and you will get the hands-on experience you need to succeed in your chosen trade. It doesn't matter your level of education or experience. We have a course that suits you.

Potential jobs

There are shortages of people in these jobs which means the chances of getting are job are good.

Once qualified, there is also the opportunity for you to open your own business and become self-employed.


Average salary»

Automotive Technician (Light Vehicle) (Car Mechanic) Up to $20 per hour (less than two years experience)
$21 - $30 per hour (qualified with 2 - 5 years' experience)
$29 - $37 per hour (senior and supervisor level)
Automotive Technician (Heavy Vehicle) (Diesel Mechanic) $26 - $35 per hour (qualified)
Up to $39 per hour (senior and supervisor level)
Carpenter (Builder)

$25-$30 per hour (qualified and experienced)

$30-$38 per hour (foreman or supervisor level)

Building and Construction Manager $80K-$170K per year (depending on projects and experience)

$20-$25 per hour (with initial qualifications)

$25-$35 per hour (senior and supervisor level)

Brick and Blocklayer

$25-$30 per hour (qualified)

$30-$40 per hour (highly experienced)

Painter and Decorator $20-$33 per hour (qualified and depending on experience)

$18-$22 per hour (1-2 years' experience)

$22-$27 per hour (2+ years' experienced)


$18-$25 per hour (qualified with 1-3 years' experience)

$30-$40 per hour (senior or supervisor level)


$23-$32 per hour (qualified)

$80K-100K per year (depending on experience or specialisation)

Electronic Trades Workers (Electronics Technician) $40K - $70K per year
Telecommunications Technician

$34K-$51K per year (1-3 years’ experience)

$53K-$80K per year (3-5 years’ experience)

Plumber, Gasfitter and Drainlayer $25-$38 per hour (depending on specialisation and experience)
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician

$52K-$80K per year (Qualified)

$80K-$100K per year (senior or supervisor level)

Fabrication Engineer (light, heavy, sheet metal and steel construction)

Up to $52K per year (Up to 5 years' experience)

$52K-$80K per year (senior or supervisor level)

Engineering Machinist

$40K-80K per year (with 2-5 years’ experience)

$80K-$110K per year (senior and supervisor level)

»Sourced from June 2018

Why choose MIT?

At MIT you'll get valuable workplace experience, as well as the skills and knowledge to prepare you for an apprenticeship and future employment as a qualified trades-person.

Our lecturers all have industry backgrounds, and our excellent facilities include fully-equipped machine workshops, a range of building sites for learning real-world construction skills, and quality automotive and general engineering workshops which are industry standard. Our flexible options recognise your existing experience, and allow you work and study at the same time where possible.

We have strong relationships with business and Industry Training Organisations, giving you greater access to work experience opportunities while studying, apprenticeship placements and ongoing job opportunities after graduation.

Plus, we offer extra scholarships and apprenticeships through the Māori and Pasifika Trades Training Initiative.


The following programmes are available in this area of study: