SeaWays Tugmaster

The SeaWays Group specialises in all aspects of the towage sector, particularly in training and assessing tugmasters for all types of tugs (ASD, ATD, CTS, VSP & RotorTug propulsion systems).

Over a decade SeaWays has trained >800 tugmasters for >40 towage companies around the world. The SeaWays Training Programs© are compliant to all major QA systems and industry standards:

  • ISO 9001:2008 - Cl 6.2
  • STCW - Resolution 7
  • ISM Code
  • UK Nuclear Warship Safety Case
  • Port Marine Safety Code
  • MCA Towage Endorsements
  • Nigerian Government's Maritime & Safety Association
  • Registered Training Organisation
  • DNV Classification Society
  • Class NK

The training is competency based to a defined standard, it is non-subjectively assessable. It is the only tugmaster training and assessing program that comprehensively proves Compliance & Competency. An important factor for clients and authorities who need to prove compliance in their QA systems.

The following short courses are available in this area of study: