How much does the Trades Academy cost?

The MIT Trades Academy is funded by the Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission as a fees free programme . You will be supplied with all the equipment, tools and safety gear or uniforms necessary to for your selected programme. Transport to the academy will not be an additional cost.

Will my work load be twice as heavy?

Do not worry, MIT Trades Academy subjects are designed to integrate the work for both qualifications. All the credits you achieve will be counted towards both qualifications.

Can students with NCEA Level 2 apply?

The MIT Trades Academy is designed to enable you to achieve NCEA Level 2 and 3. If you already have NCEA level 2 you can remain at school to complete NCEA Level 3 or apply to MIT for one of its programmes.

Can I apply if I have already left school?

You have to be enrolled at a secondary school to be eligible for selection for the MIT Trades Academy. If you wish to join the MIT Trades Academy you would have to re-enrol at school. However you may also be eligible for other programmes at MIT, such as Youth Guarantee. Please contact our information centre on 0800 62 62 52 to discuss your options or email info@manukau.ac.nz.

Is there an age restriction?

You must be aged 18 or under at the start of the calendar year. Adult students and school leavers are not eligible for the MIT Trades Academy.

Can I apply if I am home schooled?

All students must be enrolled in a secondary school within the Southern Auckland region, therefore home-schooled students must find a school to enrol with prior to enrolling at the Academy.

Can I apply if my school is not in Auckland?

The MIT Trades Academy is available to students in the Southern Auckland region. If you are currently enrolled outside of this area you should investigate trades academy options in your region. These can be found at http://youthguarantee.net.nz

Can I do anything whilst in Year 9, 10 or 11?

You'll be studying full time at secondary school but you can check out MIT's STAR tasters to explore careers of interest and start talking to your careers advisor, technology teacher or dean about MIT Trades Academy.

What is the difference between the MIT Trades Academy and Youth Guarantees?

MIT Trades Academy

Youth Guarantees

School Enrolment

You must be enrolled at secondary school

You must have left school

Age limits

Be aged 18 or under at the start of the calendar year (or 20 or under if ORS funded)

16 to 19 years old

Qualification Objective

NCEA Level 2 and 3; National Trades Qualifications

Complete a full year of study from the standard MIT programmes

Class Make-up

Students will be in dedicated MIT Trades Academy classes

Students will be integrated into mainstream MIT courses

Entry Criteria

On recommendation by your School.   (As part of NCEA 2 and 3 studies, will normally have 60 credits at Level 1, including Literacy and Numeracy requirements).

Programme Specific


Free Fees

Free Fees

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