FAQ's about MIT Manukau

Commonly asked questions about MIT Manukau.

Listed below are the most commonly asked student enquiries about the MIT Manukau campus and how to be prepared to study at this high-tech facility.

What courses are available at MIT Manukau, and what are the timetables?

MIT Manukau is home to a number of our areas of study including:

In addition, logistics also utilise the facilities for some programmes. Intakes and timetables for these areas can be found here.

What do classrooms look like? Are the classrooms bigger and are they comfortable?

There are a variety of learning spaces, including open and enclosed spaces, presentation, project meeting and specialist spaces and a 250 seat lecture theatre. The spaces are light and open and are designed to facilitate interaction and activity-based learning.

Why do we have to bring our own device? And what happens if we don't have our own device?

As technology and high-speed wireless internet become more accessible, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is fast becoming a standard feature of secondary and tertiary education. MIT Manukau has been designed to support BYOD.

For all programmes at Level 4 or above, you will need a laptop or tablet to study. Most students will find they already own a laptop or tablet that is suitable for study at MIT Manukau. MIT is supplying access to all the software you will need, and wireless access is free in the building. Most students are ready to go.

For those that need to purchase a new laptop or tablet, there are a number of ways to finance it such as interest-free loans through StudyLink.

A number of retailers also have promotions, discounts and financing options:

More information on BYOD is provided here.

What is the technical set-up like for devices, Wi-fi, power outlets, etc?

Accessing the network and the internet at MIT Manukau is completely wireless with students connecting over Wi-fi in much the same way as they currently do. Wi-fi will be delivered using the latest high-speed protocol that is very reliable and backwards compatible with most older Wi-fi capable devices and future-proofed for new ones. There will be plenty of power outlets for students to charge their devices.

Can the system handle everyone logging on?

Yes. The building's high-speed Wi-fi network has been designed to allow thousands of people to connect and use multiple devices at once.

How do we connect and set-up our devices?

Students will be instructed on how to connect their devices at the set-up and induction programme during their student induction held in the first week of the quarter/semester starting.

Is there a library at MIT Manukau?

Yes. The library is on the north side of Floor 2. The library's business and ICT collections have moved from MIT Ōtara to MIT Manukau. This includes desk copies and recommended reading for all business, communication studies and ICT degree courses. Learning Support is also available from the Floor 2 reception desk.

Does MIT Manukau have study halls?

There are a number of spaces designed for individual and group study.

How do we access the building/classrooms?

You will need a current student identification (ID) card to allow you access to the classrooms and student facilities. Please check the expiry date on your ID card to ensure it is current. You will automatically get the access you require as per the programme you are enrolled in.

It is important that you organise your ID card as soon as you have received confirmation of your enrolment. If you need to get a new ID card, remember that part of the process is having your photo taken.

Please visit the Ask Me! Student Services Centre, Ground Floor of MIT Manukau. Allow two working days for your student ID card to be produced. There is no charge for the first card; however, you may incur a fee for a replacement card.

What other facilities can we access using our ID cards?

Students who require the use of the Bike Shed will need to sign a form to have access loaded onto their ID cards.  Terms and conditions of using those facilities include doing your part to keep those areas secure by making sure that your ID is only used by you to enter or use an area. Please visit the Ask Me! Student Services Centre, Ground Floor of MIT Manukau.

Also, even though the Bike Shed is a secured place, students are advised to lock their bikes to the bike racks within, for double protection.

How do we print stuff?

There will be at least the multi-functional printer/copiers located on every floor for you to use. Your ID card is also your printing and copying card. All you need to do is register your card at one of the photocopiers then load money onto your ID card via the online portal here.

Are there lockers available?

There are no lockers available at MIT Manukau.

What is security and safety like in the evening?

There is MIT and Auckland Transport security staff based at MIT Manukau as well as CCTV security surveillance.

What are the parking and transport options?

  • Bus: Existing bus routes to Manukau are extending to MIT Manukau, and several routes travel between Ōtara and Manukau throughout the day. Timetables are available at the school office. Find out more by visiting Auckland Transport online or call 09 366 6400.
  • Train: The Manukau Station has been integrated into the building, for railway transport to and from the door. Timetables are available at the school office. Find out more by visiting Auckland Transport online or call 09 366 6400. There will be an Auckland Transport ticket office on-site, to register your AT Hop card for student concessions.
  • Car: There are drop-off bays outside MIT Manukau on Davies Avenue and Manukau Station Road. MIT student parking is available at the car park outside MIT Manukau. Public parking is available at the Ronwood Avenue multi-level car park. Both car parks are pay and display. MIT Manukau carpark prices can be found here. Find more information on the Ronwood Ave car park rates here.
  • Bicycle: Cycle parking will be available to store your bicycle free of charge.

Will there be a shuttle service going between MIT Ōtara and MIT Manukau?

No, there will not be a general shuttle service. However, bus routes do run between the two campuses.

Which bus routes can I take?

All major Auckland bus routes lead to Manukau.

Is there be a cafeteria or food hall at MIT Manukau?

Hollywood Bakery and the City Star Convenience store are now open within the MIT Manukau building. There are also a number of cafes and restaurants within Westfield (a full list is available here) and the surrounding area.

What are the daycare options?

While there are no on-site daycare facilities at MIT Manukau, there are a number of daycare providers in and around the Manukau area. In addition, as an MIT student, you are still eligible to register at the MIT Children's Education Centre in Ōtara.

Websites that may be helpful in finding suitable care and availability of spaces are:

How can we have private conversations with tutors since they don't have individual offices?

Although lecturers will share open-plan offices there are a variety of places at MIT Manukau where private conversations can be held such as in one of the 12 meeting rooms or one of the many learning or social spaces.

Are there any health and counselling services at MIT Manukau?

Counselling services can be found at the Floor 2 reception. Appointments are necessary but urgent requests can be accommodated. Students can book a 30 minute to one-hour session by visiting the Ask Me! Student Services centres.

For medical health provision, MIT has partnered with local health providers to take care of your health and well-being. Having your MIT student ID card available on request when seeing one of these health providers, will give you access to the MIT student services and discounted fees.

Can I get help with StudyLink, personal issues affecting my study and financial hardship?

Yes. Student Support will be on-site at Floor 2 reception to assist with StudyLink, student complaints, accommodation advice, financial hardship, personal and sensitive issues etc.

Can I get help from the career and employment services centre?

Yes. A representative from the career centre will be on-site every Wednesday. The career and employment services team can help you with career choices, job hunting skills, CV writing and interview techniques. Employers also list jobs you may be interested in.

I have a disability. Can I get the help I need?

Yes. Disability Support can be accessed by appointment.

Are there class reps, student advocacy and student executive voice?

Yes. Student advocacy and student executive voice staff are active at MIT Manukau.