Before your test
Can I apply for my friend if I have his/her passport?

Yes. Please contact the IELTS administrator on +64 9 968 8617 or via email ieltsnz029@manukau.ac.nz for further advice.

Do I have to bring my passport to the test?

Yes. You MUST bring your original passport to take the test. Certified copies will not be accepted under any circumstances.

What should I do if my passport is with the New Zealand Immigration Service for a new visa?

You must retrieve it by showing your IELTS test receipt and letter of confirmation to the New Zealand Immigration Service and send it back to them after the test is finished. You will not be able to take the test if you do not have your original passport on the test day.

If you do not have your passport, do NOT apply for the IELTS test until you can have your document with you for test day.

Please Note: a certified copy of passport and driver's license are not accepted.

Is there any deadline for application?

The IELTS Application Form and the test fee should be received by the IELTS Test Centre at least '10 business days' prior to the test date of your choice. However, registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis and does not guarantee a first choice test date.

Can I change or cancel my test date after I have enrolled?

Candidates may cancel or postpone their IELTS test by notifying the test centre more than five weeks before the selected test date. There is an administration fee for postponement or cancellation of $75.00. Click here for more information on postponements and cancellations.

NOTE: No postponement or refund for cancellation within five weeks of the selected test date.

When do I get my candidate number?

You will receive this on the Thursday before the test when you are emailed your speaking test time.

If I have to repeat the test, can I do only one part (e.g. just Reading, or just Writing, etc.)

No, you must do all four parts if you have to repeat the test. This is the same at all Test Centres.

On the day of your IELTS test
When and where do I report?

You must report 45 minutes before your speaking test time.

What else should I bring to the test?

Bring your passport and confirmation letter. Pens and pencils are provided. All bags must be left outside the examination room in a locked room. No personal belongings are allowed into the examination room.

Can I bring anyone with me to the test?

No. Family, friends and agents are not permitted in the test room during the IELTS test.

Is the speaking test on the same day?

Yes. You will be allocated a time between 9am and 12noon.  Your speaking time with be emailed to you by 5pm on the Thursday before the test.  If you do not receive an email, you must call or email us on the Friday before the test by 3.30pm.  

Does the Test Centre provide headsets for Listening, for all candidates?

No, we do not. We test large numbers of candidates, so headphones would not be practical. However, we have modern sound equipment in every room and the quality of the sound for the listening test is excellent.

After your IELTS test
How do I get my results?

Results are usually released 13 days after your test (ie. the second Friday after your test).

Test results may be collected on the second Friday after the test from MIT Otara IELTS Centre,  between 8:30am – 3pm.  

  • Please collect the results IN PERSON with your passport.
  • Results are NOT available for collection from the MIT Commerce Street or MIT Manukau testing centres.
  • Uncollected results will be posted to the address on your application form at 3pm on that day, except if you have advised the office that you only wish to collect them.
  • Please allow up to 5 working days for mail to reach you.
  • Please bring photo ID with you.

Another person can collect your results for you, but they must have an authorisation letter and bring their own photo ID. Please contact the IELTS centre at ieltsnz029@manukau.ac.nz for a copy of an authorisation letter form.

Uncollected results will be posted at 3pm to the address on your application form, unless requested otherwise. Please allow up to five business days for mail to reach you.

Please retain your candidate ID number from the test day so that you can preview results online. Please note: online results are not considered official results.

For more information on results click here.

Can I get extra copies of my results?

Please complete the IELTS Application for the Issue of Additional Test Report form and email to ieltsnz029@manukau.ac.nz with a copy of your passport.

Is there any difference in the test from one IELTS centre to another?

No. Every IELTS centre in New Zealand uses the same test on the same test day. There is no difference in how the examiners evaluate and mark tests from one centre to another.