Study for a degree in core business skills

Bachelor of Applied Management (Level 7)

Major in accounting, sales and marketing, management in human resources, operations and production, or project management

Open the door to great opportunities in the business world.

Develop an understanding of core business skills and major in the areas of your choice.

You will also get hands-on experience working on a project for a real business.

If you're already working, you can do a project in your workplace.

Explore our study areas below and choose the major that will help you land your dream job.

With many of our classes being small, it means our passionate staff can work closely with you to achieve your goals. And our strong industry relationships keep you up to date with the latest business practices.

Flexible study option

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Independently analysed Government data shows that MIT degree holders have the highest employment rates in the country five years after finishing their degrees. They can also expect to be among the best paid. Explore your study options and become one of MIT grads who earn more.

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