Careers in the Maritime industry are well-paid, international careers. 

A qualification from MIT's New Zealand Maritime School can take you around the globe.

All seagoing ships, be they cruise liners, freighters or technical and research vessels, need physically fit, independent crew who work well as a team.

If you love the ocean and are good at technical subjects, launch your training at the best facility New Zealand has to offer.

Subject areas

Potential jobs
Job Average Salary>>
Deckhand (experienced)  $45K - $90K per year
Ship's Officer  $60K - 130K per year
Ship Master (Small Vessels)  $33K - $70K per year
Ship Master (Large, foreign-going Vessels) $125K - $250K per year
Marine Engineer > 5 years experience $80K - $180K per year

>>Salary source from: (as at  March 2018)

Why choose MIT?

Our first rate qualifications in nautical science and marine engineering, and our worldwide reputation for producing the best trained cadets and graduates, will take you anywhere in the world.

Our engineering graduates attain sought after job placement and cadetships because our students are trained in a full mission engine room simulator and graduate with hands on experience using real equipment. Your classroom window is the Ports of Auckland and when you graduate you will have been studying and working in and around the port, worked with mentors in the industry and met many prospective employers.

As part of our School of NZ Maritime, we also offer a full range of ongoing accreditation block courses, to ensure your certifications are kept up to date.


The following programmes are available in this area of study:

Level 3
Level 5