Today's nurses need to know how to provide care for all kinds of people and also be up with the latest technology.

Our programmes for registered and enrolled nurses deliver all the practical, social and academic skills you need to become a valuable member of any healthcare team, here or around the world. Plus our bachelor's degree gives you clinical experience alongside registered nurses in dedicated teaching units.

People from different cultures need different kinds of care.  Our programmes in Pacific nursing deliver all the practical, cultural and academic skills you need to improve the health of Pacific peoples and meet the needs of these communities. Plus our bachelor's degree gives you clinical experience in both hospital and community settings.

We also offer a range of Certificates of Proficiency.  These assessed courses contribute to credits that make up our different qualifications on offer.  As a student studying a Certificate of Proficiency you will be joining existing students studying nursing, pharmacy (specialist technician) or counselling.  Certificates of Proficiency are a great professional development option, a way to refresh your skills and increase your knowledge in a specific area.

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Potential Jobs
JobAverage salary»
Registered Nurse

$47K-$68K per year (with 1 – 5 years’ experience)

$68K-$114K per year (senior nurses)

»Sourced from January 2017

Why choose MIT?

In the Faculty of Nursing and Health Studies, we believe in our students and their potential to make a valuable contribution to healthcare at all levels. We want you to succeed, and pride ourselves on the positive learning environment and support we offer you.

Our close working relationships with hospital and community agencies ensure our students valuable access to a wide range of quality work placements. As a result, our graduates achieve a high rate of employment both locally and internationally. These range across many sectors including hospitals, the armed forces, corporations, and community and government organisations.

Join us now so you can have a future full of meaningful job possibilities.