Dr. Mihaela Enache

Senior Lecturer

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Mihaela Enache

Dr. Mihaela Enache

BA (Languages), Diploma ECE, Postgrad Diploma Ed (Distinction), MEd (First Class Honours), PhD


Senior Lecturer

Teaching areas

Early childhood education


Mihaela started her career in early childhood sector in 2001. Since then she has worked with different services, from private centres and public kindergartens, to home-based education and a preparation for school programme in low socio-economic areas.

She has experience as a professional learning facilitator and a lecturer. She completed her PhD study at the University of Auckland, obtaining the Dean’s List Award for “a thesis of exceptional quality in every respect including scholarship, research content, quality of expression and accuracy of presentation”.

Mihaela has been actively involved for many years in various communities to which she belongs, volunteering as a founder member, teacher and participant in programmes like a language school, a folk dancing group and a traditional Romanian sewing group. She has participated in local and international events with the dancing group, and conferences with the sewing group, presenting on the traditional Romanian costume. She also contributes to shows in Romanian language on Radio Planet FM.

Why I love MIT

I love MIT because it focuses on people’s success, pays attention to students’ individual needs and values people for who they are.