2020 Student Council Elections

2020 Student Council Elected Members Announcement

Your 2020 Student Council members have been elected and the results are:


Naomi Taripo, School of Digital Technologies 

Council Members

Micah Sili, School of Nursing 

Mario Aguirre-Lopez, School of Digital Technologies 

Natalie Moetu, School of Social Work and Sport 

Angel Tua, School of Health and Counselling 

Francesca Frandi, School of Digital Technologies

Luisa Uepa, School of Social Work and Sport 

Vincent Vitolino, School of Digital Technologies

You can also view your 2020 Student Council members here PDF, 675.44 KB

2020 Student Council nominations

The Student Council is made up of 8 students across MIT. Roles for nomination include: President and 7 general members. Nominate yourself or a friend if you think you/they have what it takes.

Election Process

Nominations & Screening

Monday 2 September – Sunday 22 September


Monday 7 October – Friday 25 October


Monday 28 October – Sunday 3 November

Successful Candidates Announced

Thursday 7 November

Nominations & Screening

Nominations are made by MIT students and staff via electronic online form or paper submission at their local Ask Me Student Services Centre. They will then go through a screening process, to check candidate’s suitability.


Short-listed applicants will attend a campaigning workshop a week prior to campaigning with information around campaigning rules and resources. They create promotional material to advertise around MIT in the campaigning weeks.


All MIT students are able to vote for their President and 7 Student Council general members, a total of 8 votes. This can be done online through Canvas, Student email or on paper at your local Ask Me Student Services Centre.

Successful Candidates announced

Votes will be tallied and scrutinised by a Justice of the Peace. Candidates receive the outcome of the election and Student Council membership is announced to all MIT Students via Canvas and student comms.


Successfully elected candidates agree to stand in their elected role in 2020 and will abide by the terms and requirements of their position. See FAQs

The term of service for all successfully elected candidates will be from February to November 2020.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Student Council and what is its purpose?

The main purpose of the Student Council is to ensure that students of MIT are well represented and supported across the wider Manukau Institute of Technology at all times. They will support and engage with local student representatives to gain feedback from the student body and then deliver it at a strategic level; alongside MIT Leadership.

Why join the Student Council?
  • You gain leadership skills and experience that can be used to improve your CV and LinkedIn profile; which increases your chances of being employed after you graduate.
  • You gain confidence. Sitting on different boards and committees across the institute; working with MIT leaders gives you experience and the ability to grow in confidence – so you’re ready for the real world.
  • You can make a real difference in your community - Being involved in decision making and the design of the learning experience here at MIT helps to future proof the education for students now and students to come.
What are Student Council Responsibilities?
  • Keep MIT Student Centric!
    • Contribute to the decision making at MIT
    • Represent MIT students at boards, committees and working group meetings.
    • Regularly review MIT Policies alongside policy makers ensuring they are student friendly and fit for purpose
  • Approve the Compulsory Student Services Fee and assist in setting the annual budget for student services.
  • Represent MIT at external engagements within the education sector and with New Zealand media (when required).
  • Assist with recruiting the MIT School representatives.
  • Maintain strong connections with other Student Voice Representatives at MIT, to ensure feedback is being filtered up to MIT Leadership.
How do I apply?

There are two ways you can apply:

  1. Online Nomination – Fill in the online nomination form provided in the link and submit.
  2. Paper Nomination - There are nomination forms available at your local AskMe centre; alongside a Nominations Box. Fill in the application (ensuring it is signed by your nominee) and pop it into the box back at reception.
Who can nominate?

Both MIT Students and Staff are eligible to nominate students. The student being nominated must give permission if being put forward by another person.  The voting process is only open to MIT Students.

Who can be nominated?

ANY student who is enrolled for at least 12 weeks in the 2020 academic year is eligible for nomination.

What are the benefits of joining?
  • Paid Honorarium
  • Leadership and Community Development
  • Paid Opportunities throughout the year
  • Opportunities to represent MIT in the Education Sector
  • Be involved in the design of your own Educational experience
How much time will it take up?

Approximately 2 hours a week. This is flexible around your study; and you have a team of students who support each other to ensure you are all still receiving the same (if not better) quality of education. There are compulsory monthly meetings; that members are expected to attend; but all other opportunities are shared amongst members and completely up to you. There are also paid opportunities that are available throughout the year.