Mā Tātou - For all

Your path to academic success as a Māori or Pasifika student is supported through our Mā Tātou space and a Tuākana-Teina programme. 

Our Mā Tātou space is a welcoming whare/fale for everyone to experience the art, imagery, people and relationships that are at the heart of our community and shared culture. 

From when you walk through our doors for your powhiri and orientation to when you walk on the stage at your graduation you’ll find that the concepts of Mā Tātou are an active part of your time as a student to help support your academic success. 

You’ll also be able to connect with people who know where you’re coming from and care about your success. 

Our Tuākana-Teina mentoring programme is an excellent example of this support system in action. More experienced students mentor new students to help you navigate your way around, help settle you in to your studies and provide support when you need it. Tuākana and Teina also link each other into wider MIT life such as cultural groups and other events. 

All students are welcomed into the Mā Tātou space which will be co-managed by the Mā Tātou Foundation Committee, Tuākana and selected senior leaders of the school.

Our Tuākana-Teina mentoring programme is dependent on availability of experienced student, cultural groups, events and is subject to demand.