Hardship Fund for Learners (HAFL)

Purpose of the fund

The Government has allocated funding for the Hardship Fund for Learners (HAFL) to provide temporary financial assistance for currently enrolled tertiary learners who are facing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this context, Hardship means any suffering, deprivation or financial challenge faced by a learner due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is interfering with a learner’s ability to progress with their study.

Who can apply?

Currently enrolled domestic students experiencing hardship can apply (criteria apply).

To be eligible to apply for HAFL you must: 

  • Be currently enrolled
  • Have no outstanding debt, including that your fees are paid for your current enrolment
  • That you are not within the first 3 weeks of your programme start date
  • You are able to demonstrate you are in financial hardship by way of a bank statement
  • You have attached a copy of your last month's bank statement.
What costs can I apply to the fund help me with?

You can apply for HAFL to help cover any basic living costs that you are unable to meet, including, but not limited to, food, utilities, rent or other unexpected expenses like medical costs.

How do I apply?

Apply by filling out the HAFL application form.

Can someone help me to apply?

You can come and see our Student Advisors who can help you with your application.

What is the process once I have applied?

Your application will be assessed by our team and you will be informed of the outcome.  


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