Meet our graduates

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Ravneel AnandRavneel Anand

Culinary graduate working at The Langham

Landing a job at a top Auckland hotel through my MIT internship is a dream result. As part of my International Diploma in Culinary course, I spent a month working at The Langham. It was an incredible opportunity which gave me the chance to work in every department of the hotel’s kitchens — from pastry, to mains and desserts. I was ecstatic when at the end of my placement they offered me a part time job as a commis chef.

As an international student from Fiji, I’ve been impressed with so many aspects of MIT. My course was interesting and challenging, and our lecturers were extremely helpful throughout. MIT was a great choice to prepare me for a culinary career. I want to continue learning, and hope to work here permanently.

Peter SchreuderPeter Schreuder

Horticulture graduate and current student (Bachelor of Applied Management)
Assistant Grower, Gourmet Waiuku LTD

Horticulture is a really exciting industry.  There are lots of job opportunities and new technology is being introduced all the time.

At MIT I learnt all the important skills I needed to get a great job.  Classes weren’t too big and the lecturers really cared about our success. Our learning areas were well equipped and we had access to large glass houses, aquaponics and LED growing lights.

Studying in South Auckland was so convenient.  I could easily commute to and from home and I was able gain work experience during my non-lecture days.

My work experience turned into a part-time job and once I graduated I was offered a full-time job at Gourmet Waiuku.  I work with a great bunch of people and the variety is awesome. Each day is different and can involve crop recording, forecasting, organising and planning staff, driving tractors or fixing machinery.

I’ve returned to MIT and am now studying towards my Bachelor of Applied Management.  If you’re thinking about studying at MIT, I’d say go for it.

Zdenda BarvinekZdenda Barvinek

Horticulture graduate working at the Big Trees Company (Ltd)

The great resources and support I got from teaching staff at MIT helped me find my purpose and passion. My course encouraged independent learning through research and coming up with our own ideas, while getting helpful guidance from the tutors along the way. I really enjoyed this aspect of my Diploma in Horticulture.

I was employed before I finished the course and work in a tree nursery, where I grow and sell trees. MIT gave me a great foundation as I already had a strong knowledge base coming into the industry.

I love my work and continue to learn about how to grow and harvest New Zealand’s many species of trees. Since starting my job I’ve developed a passion for producing essential oils and sustainable horticulture, which I hope to continue in the future.

Daniel Deeming

Hospitality graduate working at The Square Café and Catering

Choosing to study at MIT was a great decision. I left with so much more than just knowledge about the industry. My course was also aimed at providing experience and developing my confidence so I had a headstart when I entered the workforce.

I’ve always worked in the hospitality industry and really enjoy it, so I decided to study Hospitality Operations Management. Soon after graduating I got a job at The Square Cafe and Catering, where I’m head barista. My job includes coffee preparation and customer service, which I love.

MIT prepared me very well for the role through its hands-on experience. I knew what to expect when I entered the industry and can deal with anything head-on.

Harrison Faatoafe

Hospitality graduate working at Flavours Catering and Events, Sydney

I'm so glad I decided to study at MIT. It has a great location, fantastic teaching staff and real-world degrees.

I studied a National Diploma in Hospitality Management and was impressed by the supportive and personalised approached to teaching. The lecturers would build on our strengths and develop our weaknesses so we were always improving. Hospitality is a practical industry where some core skills can’t be taught in traditional classrooms, so the hands-on training we received was invaluable.

Before graduating I was scouted to work for some of Auckland’s best hospitality companies. I’m now based in Sydney, working for one of the city’s finest caterers. I look after a huge portfolio of companies, catering for some of Sydney’s biggest clients.

MIT gave me the foundation and skills to progress faster in my line of work, which I continue to build on.

Mac ParimaMac Parima

Hospitality graduate working at the Great Catering Company

I chose to study hospitality at MIT because it’s a huge industry with so many career opportunities all over the world.

I’m studying for a Diploma in Hospitality, which covers many different areas including, front of house, bartending, housekeeping, and serving. At the moment we’re studying events and have to organise and manage our own event. There’s a lot to learn, and the practical side of the course gives you a strong foundation to enter the workforce.

As a dad of two young children it has been challenging to study while helping to support my family. However, I’ve already got a job at the Great Catering Company, which uses the skills I’ve developed during my studies and helps my family, so I couldn’t be happier. This role also allows me to do what I love — serving and talking to people.

Shelley Matthews

Hospitality graduate working at Accor Hotels

My advice to anyone thinking about studying at MIT? Do it! Being treated as a name, not a number like at larger institutes, amazing tutors and invaluable, real-world industry experience were among the things I loved most at MIT. An exchange in Austria was a course highlight and a life-changing experience as this started my love for travel.

I studied a Diploma in Hospitality and now work for Accor Hotels. My role involves all areas of human resources, work health, safety and sustainability.

MIT prepared me well for the role as I have an understanding of hotel operations, and it gave me insight into other areas of hospitality and hotels. If needed, I can jump in and assist most departments, which I often do. I love being able to do this.