How to Find Us

How to find us

Come and see us at the following locations from 9am - 4pm.

North Campus


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Every weekday: Monday to Friday

South Campus



Manukau Campus

Level 2 Reception

Every Monday and Wednesday

Or make an appointment at


  1. Enter through either Gate 12 on Otara Road, or Gate 13 on Alexander Crescent.
  2. Find the Pasifika Community Centre. Parking is available here.
  3. Enter through the automatic doors at Level 1, then take the corridor going left.
  4. Keep going until the end of the building, where you will find a set of stairs.
  5. Walk up stairs to Level 2 then turn right, through the doors into the upstairs foyer.
  6. Turn right and find NS203 on your first right, down the corridor on Level 2.